How To Control Ejaculation


It all began with a disgruntled female lover. After a kettlebell-related back injury in the winter of last year, the sex life of Israel Kanner took an unceremonious downward turn. The pain in his back was causing him to – sometimes voluntarily, sometimes involuntarily – ejaculate more quickly than usual. His lady was not pleased. She wasn’t aware that this change in bedroom behavior was due largely to his injury (the pain from which he hid impressively well). Instead she took it as a sign that their relationship struggles were deepening and her partner was now more interested in a quick and easy orgasm than deeply connecting with and pleasuring her.

Searching for a way to understand why he felt so little control over his own body, not to mention to ease the icy tension that was building with his woman, Kanner found his way to the work of author and spiritual teacher David Deida. Through absorbing Deida’s insights and instructions, and simultaneously experimenting alone and with his partner, a revolution in the way Kanner approached sex, the male orgasm, and masculine and feminine energy commenced to shake up his world……………………..READ More on the next page,Go Below CLICK>>>>>2