My Ex-Husband Paid Me For Sex


Stacey was married to Robert in 2006 (names changed for privacy purposes). Within a year and a half, Robert started paying for sex. Sex had become disconnected. There was pain during sex for Stacey. They were good friends, there was some kind of attraction, but there wasn’t enough awareness during the sex act, it seemed really suffocating for Stacey. It felt like it did more damage than it was beneficial. It wasn’t healthy sex.

Why did your ex-husband start paying you for sex?

I’d quit having sex with him because it didn’t fulfill me. I would service him in other ways, hands, mouth, not so much with my vagina. He knew it had become a chore for me so he offered to pay me for it. I said, ‘okay, sure.’ It was kind of a game.

How much did he pay you?

It wasn’t very much! Anywhere between R200 and R5000

Would you have full intercourse?

Sometimes we would. It would depend on how it felt. We eventually stopped having sex. Our body chemistry stopped working together. It wasn’t worth it, I told him to go have sex with somebody else…………READ more on the next page CLICK>>>>2